International Journal of Specialized Islamic Studies

Volume 1 - Issue 1 (1) | PP: 1 - 40 Language : العربية

The Institutions of Intellectual Construction in the Light of the Holy Quran

Yahya Mohammed Amer Rashed
Received Date Revised Date Accepted Date Publication Date
4/6/2018 15/6/2018 25/6/2018 25/9/2018
This research (the institutions of intellectual construction in the light of the Holy Quran) included an introduction, a preface, and five questions, a conclusion. As for the introduction, it provided a visual perception of the nature of the research, and was presented during the selection of the subject of research, its importance, its objectives ,,, its Verdath, problem, previous studies, and research plan. As for the extension, it presented the concept of linguistic and scientific institutions, the concept of construction, unity and the word. The five mabahiths are: the family, the mosque, the educational institutions, the da'wa, the media, and the façade in its entirety And concluded from all this that the thought in Islam institutions must be activated, and that the building of the Muslim intellectual construction of the exploits. The Muslim has built the intellectual behind his struggle, his passion, his passion, his curiosity, his tears, his family, his drabness, and vice versa.

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