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The Contractual Insults of New Musilms

Zeyad Hamad Alamer

With the passage of time, people have suffered from insults that were not in their ancestors, an interaction of the turnout when entering the religion of Islam, especially in countries where sovereignty or pluralism is not for the people of Islam, and the spread of ignorance and the large number of non-Muslims, ...

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Contemporary Applications of the Cooperative Insurance Contract in the Light of Jurisprudence Rules (Jordan Islamic Bank and Islamic Insurance Company Limited as a Model)

Loiy Ahmad Hasan Alsheyab , Mohammad Ahmad Awad Alrawashdeh

Jurisprudence rules: keeping many branches with few words, and because the branches branched, scattered and multiplied, the student needs to collect their peers. As for cooperative insurance in general: It is a social system based on the principle of cooperation and interdependence among members of society, ...

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Characterization of Multiple Financial Contract Agreements and their Shari’ah-Based Forms

Lamyaa Mohamed Abd Elfattah

This study addresses multiple financial contract agreements; a type of contracts that is concluded by virtue of prior consent to the provisions thereof by and between the contracting parties, resulting in rights and obligations to each such contracting party. This study adopts an inferential analytic ...

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Islam Position of Delayed Cash Exchange of Paper Money

Saleh bin Mohammad Al-Khudairi

The study aims to discuss the contract of forward exchange of money in Islamic Jurisprudence, where the general concept of exchange has been elaborated as well as the evidences of its legitimacy from Qur’an, Sunnah, Ijam (consensus) and Ma’aqul (rational justification). In addition, the study ...

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Money Employment Contracts in Contemporary Islamic Banks in the Light of the Shafi'i School: Financial Netting Contracts

Mohammad Ali Al-Gharaibeh

This study aimed to identify a number of contracts for the employment of funds in contemporary Islamic banks represented by financial compensation contracts in the light of the Shafi’i school of thought. It also dealt with the permissibility of contracts for the employment of funds. The study reached ...

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