International Journal of Specialized Islamic Studies

Volume 1 - Issue 2 (1) | PP: 118 - 139 Language : العربية

The Contractual Insults of New Musilms

Zeyad Hamad Alamer
Received Date Revised Date Accepted Date Publication Date
25/10/2018 14/11/2018 5/12/2018 27/1/2019
With the passage of time, people have suffered from insults that were not in their ancestors, an interaction of the turnout when entering the religion of Islam, especially in countries where sovereignty or pluralism is not for the people of Islam, and the spread of ignorance and the large number of non-Muslims, which made many knowledge of Islam melt in the hearts of Muslims The people of these countries, and supported the stability of those who know the customs, permitting the owners of the new decade in the ranks of new Muslims in that country, this research was an attempt to participate in resolving some of the new Muslim's objection.

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