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The legitimacy of Human Difference: Formative Assets and Legislative Purposes

Mohammed Al - Sadqi Al – Ammari

The difference between the issues that are misunderstood and assimilated, but if we learn the discourse of Shari'a, and make the effort, but will be emptied the situation, to trace the resources of this issue in the texts of revelation, and the jurisprudence of fundamentalist industry, at the level of ...

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The consequences of marital disputes and their conflict with the purposes of Islamic law

Juma Atallah Hamdan , Muhammad Mutlaq Assaf

This research aims to clarify the necessity of taking care of the family and controlling its system, by preserving the lineage, tightening the marriage bond, then the kinship bond, then the in-law’s bond, and keenness to protect these bonds, preserve them, and preserve them from everything that ...

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Quranic Legislation between its Purposes and the Reasons for its Revelation (Legislation Aimed at Maintaining Security in Society as a Model)

Ahmad Ibrahim Ababneh , Youssef Ibrahim Al Sayaheen

The Qur’anic legislation had several features that make it a complete legislation. That falsehood does not come to it from before it or from behind it, and among those important features is that it is a legislation based on the care of purposes upon which all its rulings revolved, and these purposes, ...

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