International Journal of Specialized Islamic Studies

Volume 1 - Issue 1 (2) | PP: 41 - 58 Language : العربية

The legitimacy of Human Difference: Formative Assets and Legislative Purposes

Mohammed Al - Sadqi Al – Ammari
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9/6/2018 11/7/2018 2/8/2018 25/9/2018
The difference between the issues that are misunderstood and assimilated, but if we learn the discourse of Shari'a, and make the effort, but will be emptied the situation, to trace the resources of this issue in the texts of revelation, and the jurisprudence of fundamentalist industry, at the level of theorization and sanctification, and on the level of activation and practice, The right to difference and legitimacy, and the legitimacy of difference - and legitimate consideration - based on the assets of composition, and legislative purposes. God's will to form people is one nation .. (Hood: 118), and this difference has no income in them Ibn Ashour says: "The difference is permanent among them, because it is necessary for what the minds have set on him." And God has decreed them in eternity. Based on the above, human differences have composition, Legislative, on which the legitimacy of difference is based, and the right to it, God Almighty wanted to difference Kuna, h Or the colors, the tongues, and the tribes ... All this is a universal divine will, but the human face has to touch the purposes of this legislative difference, including acquaintance and cooperation. The context of the creation alert that the difference of peoples and tribes destination acquaintance, and the context of the difference of cosmic phenomena, the purpose of integration, beauty, and human orientation to faith in the unity of God and his presence.

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