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Jurisprudence of the Maalikis and its Impact on the Absorption of Family Calamities - Wife's Grace for Processing A Model

Abdelaziz Ouasfi , Hamid Mesrar

This research examines the concept of Islamic law and its treatment of the subject of the family in terms of its importance as the first cell in the building of society, as well as the statement of its rights, its sound foundations, and its strong pillars that guarantee its stability and preserve its ...

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The consequences of marital disputes and their conflict with the purposes of Islamic law

Juma Atallah Hamdan , Muhammad Mutlaq Assaf

This research aims to clarify the necessity of taking care of the family and controlling its system, by preserving the lineage, tightening the marriage bond, then the kinship bond, then the in-law’s bond, and keenness to protect these bonds, preserve them, and preserve them from everything that ...

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