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The Jurisprudence of Contemporary Issues for the Moroccan Jurists-A Study in Meaning, Characteristics and Method

Abdul Aziz Wasfi , Ahmed Ait Jalloul

The aim of this research is to shed light on some aspects of the jurisprudence of contemporary issues for the Moroccan Maliki scholars from the the fifth to the fifteenth century AH. First, it will discos its importance and characteristics by exploring some practical examples of some Maliki scholars ...

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Contemporary Applications of the Cooperative Insurance Contract in the Light of Jurisprudence Rules (Jordan Islamic Bank and Islamic Insurance Company Limited as a Model)

Loiy Ahmad Hasan Alsheyab , Mohammad Ahmad Awad Alrawashdeh

Jurisprudence rules: keeping many branches with few words, and because the branches branched, scattered and multiplied, the student needs to collect their peers. As for cooperative insurance in general: It is a social system based on the principle of cooperation and interdependence among members of society, ...

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Islamic Liberal in Singapore: An applied and Contemporary Studies

Ra’ed Said Ahmad Bani Abed Alrahman , Mohammad Hafed Aldin Bin Khamees

The study aimed to demonstrate the concept of Islamic liberalism in the Singaporean society and to reveal its truth and the reasons that led to its emergence and its effects in society, as well as the reasons of corruption for this idea and mentioned the position of the government and the religious councils. ...

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Legislative aspects of inheritance and its economic and social effects and contemporary suspicions- A study in the texts of the two revelations

Abdel Rahman Abdel Nasser Sayed Sultan

The research is limited to a set of basic frameworks that clarify its features, namely: the inheritance system in Islam, its foundations and goals, and its social and economic effects through studying the verses of the Holy Qur’an and the purified biography of the Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon ...

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The problems of contemporary Islamic discourse

Rafeeq Asaad Radwan , Abdul Karim Rabah Miqdad

Islamic Sharia is the conclusion of the messages. It is valid for every time and place. It is able to answer and clarify the provisions of every issue and event. It revealed the reality of the Islamic discourse and its importance; then addressed the problems of contemporary Islamic jurisprudence and ...

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Money Employment Contracts in Contemporary Islamic Banks in the Light of the Shafi'i School: Financial Netting Contracts

Mohammad Ali Al-Gharaibeh

This study aimed to identify a number of contracts for the employment of funds in contemporary Islamic banks represented by financial compensation contracts in the light of the Shafi’i school of thought. It also dealt with the permissibility of contracts for the employment of funds. The study reached ...

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