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Multiparty pluralism in the Islamic state

Mohammad wali Hanif

This study addressed the issue of partisan pluralism in the Islamic state, where it stood on its legitimacy and talked about the extent of its legitimacy and the legitimate opinion in its existence within the Islamic State, and then showed evidence of those who supported its existence as well as those ...

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Political assassinations (Shareia seeing)

Khaled Hamdi Abd elkarim

In these modern eras, at a time when the Islamic caliphate was absent, and people could not stand the legal or political dispute, in light of the emergence of some jihadist Islamic groups looking for the rational legitimate caliphate, assassinations of some political or religious figures opposing it ...

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The Political Rights of non-Muslims in Political Islamic Fiqh: a Comparison with the Palestinian Political System

Sameer Mohammad Awawde , Ismail Mohammad Shindi

Objectives: The present study aims to examine the political rights of non-Muslims in countries of Muslim majorities, pointing out these rights along with their roots in Sharia and then comparing them with what is found in the Palestinian political system. The study, as such, is comprised of an introduction, ...

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