International Journal of Specialized Islamic Studies

Volume 6 - Issue 2 (2) | PP: 75 - 90 Language : العربية

Political assassinations (Shareia seeing)

Khaled Hamdi Abd elkarim
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21/9/2021 30/9/2021 6/10/2021 10/11/2021
In these modern eras, at a time when the Islamic caliphate was absent, and people could not stand the legal or political dispute, in light of the emergence of some jihadist Islamic groups looking for the rational legitimate caliphate, assassinations of some political or religious figures opposing it began. Some of these groups adhere to the apparent meanings of some Qur’anic texts and Prophetic hadiths in excommunicating those who judge by other than what God has revealed or excommunicating individual people because of words or actions that are contrary to the law. They found in this erroneous understanding their own justification in the assassination of these characters that they see in their presence harmful to Islam and Muslims. Rather, I claim that some countries were involved in some way in some of these suspicious operations. Unfortunately, they clung to some texts that indicate the legitimacy of what they do as they claim, so it was necessary to stand at this suspicion to refute it and respond to it through a correct understanding of the Qur'an, the Sunnah, and the words of the well-known imams. This is what this research paper attempts to reveal and highlight. The researcher used the inductive-analytical approach in this the paper collected the opinions of scholars in response to this suspicion and analyzed the legal texts to reach the desired results.

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