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The administrative empowerment to the heads of the academic departments and its relationship to the performance of the faculty members at al Qassim university

Bariya Bint Hammoud Al-Harbi

The study aimed to identify the degree of administrative empowerment of the heads of academic departments at Qassim University, the reality of the performance of faculty members, and the relationship of administrative empowerment of academic department heads with the performance of faculty members. The ...

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The Degree of Administrative Empowerment Practice and its Relationship with Talent Management in Colleges’ Administration of Kuwait University as Perceived by Faculty Members

Naser Mansour Al-Ajami

This research aims to identify the degree of administrative empowerment practice and its relationship to talent management in colleges’ administration of Kuwait University as perceived by faculty members. This research included a population of (1253) faculty members working in Kuwait University. ...

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