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The Educational Skills that are Needed for Teachers of Arabic in Primary Schools According to Their Point of Views

Ra’ed Ramthan Hussein Al-Tamimi

The study aims to know the educational skills, which are required to the teachers of Arabic at elementary schools concerning to their opinions. The sample of this paper based on 270 teachers in the rate of 94% of the original community. They are divided into 150 male and 120 female teachers who teach ...

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The Effectiveness of a Training Program Based on the Virtual Classroom in Developing the Electronic Educational Skills of Female Student Teachers at the Faculty of Education at the Islamic University of Gaza

Adham Hassan Al-Baloji

The study aimed to identify the effectiveness of a training program based on the virtual classroom in developing the electronic educational skills of female student teachers at the Faculty of Education at the Islamic University of Gaza. The researcher used the constructivist and experimental approaches ...

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