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The impact of using electronic brainstorming strategy in a blended learning environment on grade-eleven female students’ in developing achievement motivation in islamic education

Rabea Mahammed Al-Saqria , Mohsin Nasser Al- Salmi

This study aimed at identifying the impact of using Electronic Brainstorming Strategy in a Blended Learning Environment on grade-eleven female students' in developing Achievement motivation in Islamic Education. A quasi-experimental design was used with two experimental groups, the first experimental ...

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The reality of blended education from the teachers' point of view in the Qalqilya education directorate in light of some variables

Soha Jallad , Abeer Qashou' , Lina Abu Hamad , Bara'a Juaidi

The study aimed to identify the reality of blended education from the teachers' point of view in the Qalqilya Education Directorate in light of some variables, and to identify the challenges of blended education from the viewpoint of the education supervisors of the Qalqilya Education Directorate and ...

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Effect of the Blended Learning Method on Developing the Writing Skill of the Students of the First Three Grades in the Karak Education Directorate

Yazan Saleem Al-Owaisat , Mohammed lbrahim Al- Ghaziwat

This study aimed to know the effect of the blended learning method on developing the writing skill of the students of the first three grades in the Karak Education Directorate. The students' writing skills and their level were tested. The study sample consisted of (29) male and female students who took ...

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The Role of Blended Learning in Developing Academic Achievement among the Middle Stage Female Students from the Point of View of their Teachers in Al-Jouf Region

Latiefa Abdel-Rahman Al-Ali , Abdulhameed Rakan Alenezi

The aim of this study was to identify the role of blended education in developing academic achievement among female students of intermediate stage according to the point of view of their female teachers. The study also shows the most difficult challenges that female teachers face in developing academic ...

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The Effect of a Blended Project-Based Training Program on EFL Teachers’ Implementation of Differentiated Instruction in Jerusalem

Sahar Najeh Shweiki , Fawaz Aqel

Objectives: The current study aimed to investigate the effect of a blended project-based training program on EFL teachers' implementation of differentiated instruction in Jerusalem. Methods: The study used a descriptive-analytical design using quantitative methods; the study used a one-group quasi-experiment ...

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