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The Degree of Relevance of the Actual Art Education Environment to the Specifications of Classroom Environment in the Light of the Discipline-based Arts Education (DBAE) in the Intermediate Schools of Riyadh City

Tahani Abdullh Almazrua

The Objective of the Study: The current study aims to identify the degree of relevance of the actual art education environment to the specifications of classroom environment in the light of the Discipline-based Arts Education (DBAE) in the intermediate schools of Riyadh City. Procedure and Methodology: ...

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Evaluation of Technical Criticism Skills of Art Education Teachers and Teaching them in The Intermediate Schools in Riyadh

Ghadah Abdulrahman Aldossary , Abdullah Dafer Alshihry

The main goal of this research is to investigate the reality of activation of art criticism in the intermediate schools, in addition to measuring the information of art teachers on the meaning and methods of art criticism and its relevance to students through a questionnaire that was designed by the ...

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The role of art education in developing creativity skills among intermediate and high school students in East Jeddah education administration schools from the viewpoint of art education teachers and students (an applied study)

Ghada Ali Atef Al-Omari

The researcher adopted two study tools and two samples that included middle and high school students, and technical education teachers in schools of eastern Jeddah education, and he used the descriptive analytical approach, and the study concluded that the technical education teachers of the study sample ...

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Training Needs for E-teaching Skills of Female Art Education Teachers in the Primary and Intermediate Stages in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Nada Mohammed Al-Meziraee

The study aimed at identifying the training needs for e-teaching skills of female art education teachers in the primary and intermediate stages by identifying the viewpoint of the teachers in those two stages in the city of Buraidah of 50 female teachers who were chosen randomly. The study used the descriptive ...

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