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The Impact of A Training Program For Kindergarten Teachers in Al Qurayat Governorate on the Employment of Creative Thinking Skills Among Their Students

Eidah Mneizel Hraith Al-Rwaili

The study aimed to identify the impact of a training program for kindergarten teachers in Al-Qurayyat governorate on the employment of the creative thinking skills of their students,, (122) teachers. The sample was randomly selected and consisted of (74) teachers during the first semester of the academic ...

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The effect of using active learning strategies on improving critical thinking skills in physics among upper basic students' in Jordan

Majed Ali AL-Zboun , Abdallah Khataibeh , Imad Tawfiq Sa'di

This study aimed at exploring the effect of Employ three active learning strategies on improving critical thinking skills among Upper Primary Students in Jordan.The sample consisted of (99) students. who were chosen from the 10th graders at Mansheyat Bani Hasan Secondary School for Boys. Four groups ...

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The Degree to Which the Faculty Members at the University of Tabuk Possess Critical Thinking Skills According to the Vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030

Ilham Sorour Moazi Al-Bilal

The study aimed to identify the degree to which the faculty members at the University of Tabuk possess critical thinking skills. The current study relied on the descriptive approach, for its suitability to the nature of the study, and a controlled tool was used to collect data from the study sample members ...

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The Effectiveness of an Educational Program Based on the 5Es Learning Cycle Model in Acquiring Reflective Thinking Skills for 10th Grade Female Students in Physics in Jordan

Elham Hassan Shehadah Shadid , Omar Abdul Razzaq Omar Al-Huaymel

The study aimed to determine the effectiveness of an educational program based on the (5Es) learning cycle model in acquiring reflective thinking skills for tenth grade female students in Physics in Jordan. The study used a semi-experimental research method for an intentional sample consisting of (52) ...

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The Amount of Availability of Scientific Thinking Skills that are Derived from the Holy Quran in Islamic Education Books for Post-Basic Education in the Sultanate of Oman

Hassan Mohammad Al-Omari , Ameera Bint Mohammad Al-Alawiya

The current study aimed to reveal the percentages of the included scientific thinking skills derived from the Holy Quran in the activities of Islamic education books for the eleventh and twelfth grades in the Sultanate of Oman. To achieve this, the researcher prepared a list of (8) skills of scientific ...

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The Impact of the Interactive Learning Strategy on Developing the Thinking Skills of the Sixth Grade Students in the Palestinian Governmental Schools of Nablus

Aysha Mohammad Abd-Rabo , Afnan N. Darwazeh

The aim of this study was to identify the effect of employing the interactive learning strategy on promoting the lower, intermediate, and higher thinking skills of the sixth -grade students, and whether the general academic ability, specific academic ability, and gender interact with the type of learning ...

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The Effectiveness of the Current Events Approach in Teaching History to Develop some Critical Thinking Skills among the Second Year Secondary Female Students in Al Jouf

Layla Sultan Al-Anzi

This study aimed to verify the effectiveness of the current events approach in teaching history to develop some critical thinking skills among the second grade students at secondary schools in Al-Jawf region. The semi-experimental method was used, the study sample consisted of (52) students who were ...

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The Role of Intermediate School Female Teachers in Tabuk City in Enhancing the Critical Thinking Skills of their Students

Laila Bint Muhammad Alsheikhi , Ali Hussein Najmi

The study aimed to identify the role of intermediate school female teachers in Tabuk city in enhancing the critical thinking skills of their students and to reveal the existence of differences in the role of the educational teacher in enhancing critical thinking skills of her students according to the ...

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The Effectiveness of Using Virtual Laboratories to Acquire Scientific Thinking Skills and Develop the Attitude of Ninth Grade Students

Mashael Yousef Alzahrani , Wafa Shukry Alhaidar

Objectives: The study aimed to find out the effectiveness of using virtual laboratories in acquiring scientific thinking skills and developing attitude for third grade intermediate students in Yanbu Governorate. Methods: In science, to achieve this, the study used the mixed method, which combines the ...

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