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Summary of Study the Role of Students Management Councils in Development Citizenship for Student in Post-Basic Education Schools in Sultanate of Oman

Hossam El Din El Sayed Mohamed Ibrahim , Khamis al-Busaidi

The present study aimed to finding out the The Role of Students Management Councils  in development Citizenship for Student in Post-Basic Education Schools in Sultanate of Oman, the study used the descriptive methods, also used the questionnaire to collect data and information were applied to a ...

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Some of the Psychological and Cognitive Factors Relating to Political Participation "A Field Study"

Reham Mahmoud Hassan Badruddin

The present study aimed to identify the relationship between psychological security and self-esteem as factors related to political participation in a random sample of males and females in different age stages. The study sample consisted of employees of the Alexandria and Tanta Universities (N = 140), ...

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The Application of Governance in the Ministry of Education in Palestine and its Role in Reducing Expatriate Career " Field Study from the Point of View of the Heads of Departments in the Directorates of Education in Hebron "

Sameer Suleiman Abed Al-Jamal

The study aimed to identify the degree of application of governance in the Ministry of Education in Palestine and its role in reducing the expatriate career from the point of view of heads of departments in the directorates of education in Hebron, According to variables: gender, scientific qualification, ...

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Social Media and their Impact on the Psychological State of the University Student (Comparative Study of Multiple Countries)

Claire Helou , Tony Greg , Joseph Kerkmaz , Eliane Youssef

The aim of this study was to investigate the impact of social networking sites on the psychological state of the Arab university student. Therefore, the researchers prepared a questionnaire on this subject, and continued with a number of universities in the Arab countries. Based on the preliminary results, ...

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Professional Development of Mathematics Teachers in Integrating Digital Technology: Comparative Study

Ghadah Alqahtani

This study investigates the ways that Saudi and English secondary mathematics teachers professionally develop themselves in terms of using digital technology. It also compares between the two groups regarding the same aspect. For this aim, a survey was conducted among 44 Saudi and English teachers. The ...

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Impact of Test Time on Estimating Aspects of Items and Test Reliability: A Comparative Study: Item Response Theory and Classical Test Theory

Farhan Ali Saleh Al - Balawi , Sabri Mohamed Ismail Abdel Aal

The research aimed to explore the impacts of test time on estimations of items aspects in context with Item Response Theory, and Classical Theory. Where a multi choice test of (28) items was constructed. Three test images were formed, varying in response time. Were applied sample of students. Then analyzed ...

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The Relationship Between the Quality of Psychological Life by the Five Major Factors of the Personality. Comparative Field Study on the Students of the University of Algeria

Salhi Saida , Ait Habouche Souad , Charifi Hanaa

The psychological life of the individual is governed by a set of personal traits that are regulated and regulated by his or her internal and external behavior and responses. Each of these features has its psychological, emotional and social significance. The quality of psychological life is one of the ...

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The Educational Role of the Family in Preserving the Islamic Identity, from the Point of View of the Parents in Medina (A field-based study)

Abdullah Mohammed Barsheed

The study aimed to know the role of the educational family in preserving the Islamic identity from the point of view of the parents in Madinah through its dimensions and its four components (religion, history, culture, values and ethics). The study sample consisted of 416 families of parents in Madinah, ...

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Effect of Professionalism of Work and Social Network on Teachers in Private Schools; Case Study in Indonesia

Yohanes Arianto Budi , Erwin Bramana Karnadi , Fransiskus X Lara Aba

This study aims to prove whether there is a significant effect of Professionalism, Creativity and Social Network on teacher performance, which is mediated by the Self Efficacy variable. This research was conducted in five private schools in Jakarta Indonesia involving several teachers who were still ...

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The Effectiveness of Some Authentic Assessment Methods in Assessing Achievement Scores in the Course of Thinking and Learning Skills for Education and Arts Students at King Faisal University. (A Comparative Study with the Classical Assessment Method)

Khaled Hassan Bakr Elsherief

The Research aimed to investigate the effectiveness of authentic assessment methods (portfolio- worksheets- activities- questionnaires- learning log) in assessing the achievement for(132) of education and arts students in King Faisal University in the curriculum of learning and thinking skills, compared ...

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