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Quality of University Life as a Mediator between Psychological Alienation and Self-Esteem among Students of King Saud University

Wael El Sayed Hamed

The study aimed to identify the quality of university life as a mediator between psychological alienation and self-esteem among KSU students. A sample of (136) students (13%) of the study population responded to the study tools. The researcher used the descriptive analytical method. He prepared a measure ...

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The role of the digital platform "Safeer" in alleviating the psychological alienation of students on scholarships in the United States of America

Tamaader mansor salem Almashe

The study aim to identify the services provid by the digital platform "Safeer" used to communicate with students on scholarships in the United States of America. The study also aim to identify the reality of psychological alienation through the digital platform "Safeer". To achieve the objectives of ...

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