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The Effect of Personality Traits and Life Goals on Health Related Behaviour

Jawaher Sulaiman Alsayari

The suggested study will examine whether life goal factors are related to healthy eating, and whether motivation for eating factors and personality factors are related to autonomous regulation. The study will use a multiple choice questionnaire comprising five different scales, personality (the Big Five), ...

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The Relationship Between the Quality of Psychological Life by the Five Major Factors of the Personality. Comparative Field Study on the Students of the University of Algeria

Salhi Saida , Ait Habouche Souad , Charifi Hanaa

The psychological life of the individual is governed by a set of personal traits that are regulated and regulated by his or her internal and external behavior and responses. Each of these features has its psychological, emotional and social significance. The quality of psychological life is one of the ...

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"Al Himmah" is a new concept in the field of personality development

Sahar bint Abdul Latif Kurdi

Himmah (Mettle) is a concept that is commonly used by the public. However, it is not classified as a psychological-motivational term for those in the field of psychology. For this reason, the main objective of this study was to define this concept, to determine its components and its factorial structure. ...

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The big five factors of personality and its relationship to Dogmatism in a sample of prisoners In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Khaled bin Mohammad Qalyoubi

The study aims to reveal the relationship of the big five factors of personality (diastolic, neuroticism, vigilance of conscience, acceptability, openness to experiences) and their relationship to Dogmatism in a sample of prisoners, with some demographic variables (Education- age- type of sentencing). ...

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The relationship between the Big Five personality traits and the social media use

Sharif Abdelrahman Alsoudi , Raqiya Almatarafi , Alzahraa Alhussaini , Shama Almaqbali

The study aimed to discover the nature of the relationship between the Big Five personality traits and the usage of social media. The research sample of (528) male and female undergraduates from AL Sharqiyah university in the Sultanate of Oman distributed according to gender, academic level, and scientific ...

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Degree of Students' Social and Emotional Learning Competencies in the Schools of the Second Episode of Basic Education in Oman

Ali bin Saeed bin Saleem Al-matri , Moza bint Abdullah bin Khamis Al-Muqbaliya , Iman bint Mohammad bin Zaid Al Ma'awlyah

The study aimed to identify the degree of students' social and emotional learning competencies in the schools of the second episode of basic education in Oman after the Corona pandemic, and the researchers used the descriptive curriculum. The questionnaire of the OECD study was used for social and emotional ...

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