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Education as a Collective Right: Arab University in Israel – Challenges, Obstacles and Possibilities

Nohad Ali , Rima’a Da’as

The idea of establishing an Arab university in Israel is much debated, particularly within Arab society, Jewish society, and at Israeli institutions where it has met with a great deal of opposition. The vast majority of the Arab public consider establishing an Arab university to be an opportunity to ...

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Obstacles of Publishing Educational Researches in Scientific Journals

Kamel Mouloudj , Farida Mouloudj

The present study aimed to determine the relative importance to obstacles of publishing educational researchs in scientific journals. To achieve this was, we used a convenience sample of 65 education researchers in various Algeria's universities. Descriptive analytical approach was used, The results ...

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The Obstacles of Applying Digital Leadership from the Perspectives of Female Secondary School Principals at Qasabah Irbid District

Nawal Ass’ad Lafee Ahmad

The current study examined the obstacles of applying digital leadership from the perspectives of female secondary school principals at Qasabah Irbid District. To achieve the study purposes, a descriptive survey design was employed, and a questionnaire of (20) items was used for data collection. The sample ...

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Attitudes of Teachers in the Cycle one Basic Education Schools in the Sultanate of Oman Towards Employing Electronic Tests in Educational Platforms and their Obstacles

Hamed bin Mohammed Al-Tobi , Mohammed Yusuf Mai

Objectives: The study aimed to identify the trends of female teachers in cycle one basic education schools in the Muscat and Al-Dakhiliyah governorates in the Sultanate of Oman towards employing electronic tests in educational platforms. It also aimed to explore the obstacles that prevent the teachers ...

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