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Item analyze in psychometric scales: face validity, item validity, factorial validity

Khalifa bin Ahmed Al-Qassabi

This paper is an attempt to help researchers find ways to deal with the psychometric scales. Hence, the paper compares and contrasts between methods used to test scale items: face validity, item validity and the use of factorial validity. For the purpose of the study, the scale "attitude towards cheating" ...

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The predictive validity of admission criteria and scores of graduation course as predictor for student's cumulative scores in computer college at university of Tabuk

Lamis Abdulrahman Aljuhni , Shaher Khaled Sulaiman

The aim of study was to identify the predictive validity of admission criteria and score of graduation courses as predictor for student's cumulative scores (GPA) at Computer Science department on faculty of computer and information technology at university during academic years 1435H, 1436H, 1437H, 1438H, ...

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Standardizing of the Perfectionism Scale for Adolescents in the Saudi Environment during the Corona Pandemic (Covid-19)

Nessrin Ismail Alsaid Ibrahim

The aim of this research is to identify the levels of perfectionism (normal and neurotic) among young people in the Saudi environment during the Corona pandemic (Covid-19), in addition to identifying the differences in the level of perfectionism according to the gender variable. To achieve the aim of ...

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