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The reasons for the low secondary school students acquisition of physical concepts from the teachers point of view in Irbid Qasabah district educational directorate

Hussein Ali Al-Hussein Al-saideen

This study aims to stand on the reasons for low acquisition of physics concepts that the teachers of physics point of view while teaching physics to high school students in Irbid Qasabah District Educational Directorate. The descriptive approached was used to collect data through survey the distribution ...

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The effect of using active learning strategies on improving critical thinking skills in physics among upper basic students' in Jordan

Majed Ali AL-Zboun , Abdallah Khataibeh , Imad Tawfiq Sa'di

This study aimed at exploring the effect of Employ three active learning strategies on improving critical thinking skills among Upper Primary Students in Jordan.The sample consisted of (99) students. who were chosen from the 10th graders at Mansheyat Bani Hasan Secondary School for Boys. Four groups ...

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The development of an educational unit in physics according to multiple intelligence and measuring its impact on the development motivational towards learning among 9th grade

Basma Dhaif Allah Al-Aqaila , Abdullah Muhammad Khataybah , Abdul-Raouf Muhammad Al-Ali Al-Dairi

This study aimed at designing an educational unit based on multiple intelligence and its effect on developing the motivation towards learning among students of the ninth grade, the study sample consisted of (42) students from the ninth grade of basic education in the monastery of the secondary school ...

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The Effectiveness of an Educational Program Based on the 5Es Learning Cycle Model in Acquiring Reflective Thinking Skills for 10th Grade Female Students in Physics in Jordan

Elham Hassan Shehadah Shadid , Omar Abdul Razzaq Omar Al-Huaymel

The study aimed to determine the effectiveness of an educational program based on the (5Es) learning cycle model in acquiring reflective thinking skills for tenth grade female students in Physics in Jordan. The study used a semi-experimental research method for an intentional sample consisting of (52) ...

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Effect of Visual Teaching Strategy on the Academic Achievement in Physics for First Secondary Students in Haql

Nayfa Hassan Faraj Al- Omrani , Bashayer Raghyan Al- Balawi

The problem of the research is identified in the weakness of academic achievement in physics for First Secondary Students in Haql, and as a contribution to solve this problem, the research purpose was to check the effect of the Visual Teaching Strategy on their academic achievement in Physics. To achieve ...

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The Impact of Teaching Physics using Web Quests and the Electronic Round House in Developing the Visual Thinking of the Tenth- Grade Students in Karak Governorate

Rania Ahmad Al-Amer , Hassan Ali Bani Domi

This study aims to explore the influence of teaching physics using Web Quest and electronic Roundhouse on developing visual thinking for tenth-grade females. The study sample consisted of (68) female students divided into three groups, the first group consisted of (22) students who were taught using ...

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The Effect of Scientific Stations Strategy on Developing Mind Habits on Physics among Tenth Graders in Qalqilya

Abdel Aziz Nizar Abdel Ghani , Mahmoud Ahmad Alshamali , Shadi Abualkibash

This study aimed to reveal the effectiveness of the Scientific Stations strategy in developing habits of mind among tenth graders in learning physics. The study sample consisted of (60) tenth graders at Al-Salam Secondary Boys School of the Ministry of Education in Qalqilya for the academic year 2019/2020 ...

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