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The effectiveness of a proposed program in the perceptions of students of Falah bin Mohsen Al-Nabhani School for Basic Education (5-12) Towards the Phenomena of Throwing Garbage

Yasir Juma Al-Shuhoomi , Sameer Khalifa Al-Mamari , Bader Salim Al-Ghafri , Abdullah Khamis Ambusaidi

The current research aimed to identify the efficiency of a proposed program in the perceptions of students of Falah school towards the phenomena of throwing garbage. The population of the study was (729) students. The research sample consisted of (125) students. In order to achieve the aim of the study, ...

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Intermediate School Teachers' Perceptions and Preferences on Nurturing Gifted Students in Gifted Schools in Kuwait

Hamed Jassim Alsahou , Zainab Abbas

This study aimed to measure the attitudes of middle school teachers towards nurturing talented students in gifted schools and their reactions to the transition of gifted students from their regular classes to gifted schools based on different variables such as gender, years of experience, and the scientific ...

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Science teacher's perceptions and practicing the dimensions of scientific literacy at Ajloun educational directorate

Walaa Mustafa Al-Smadi , Abdullah Mohammad Khataibeh , Imad Tawfiq Al-Sadi

The study aimed to identify the level of science teachers' understanding of the dimensions of scientific culture and their practice in light of some variables in the Ajloun Education Directorate. The study sample, it reached (200) male and female teachers, chosen by the stratified random method, and ...

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Pre-service science teachers' perceptions of scientific models

Sanaa Mohamed Abu Athera

The aim of this study was to identify the perceptions of Pre-service science teachers for scientific models, And the sample of the study consisted of (78) Pre-service science teachers enrolled in the educational diploma program at Taif University for the first semester of 2018-2019. In order to achieve ...

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Science Teachers' Perceptions on the Nature of Science: Towards a Better Understanding of Science and its Reality

Aziz bin Salem Al-Omari

The aim of the current research is to identify the level of perceptions of science teachers at the secondary stage in the city of Tabuk, Saudi Arabia, on the nature of science in the light of some variables. The Nature of Science Questionnaire-C (VNOS-C) developed by (Lederman et al., 2002) was applied ...

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