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The Influence of Academic Preparation of Kuwait University on Acquiring Leadership Behavior from Student’s Point of View

Sultan Ghaleb Aldaihani , Anwad Fahad Alkhaldi

This study aimed to investigate the degree of influence of academic preparation of Kuwait University on acquiring leadership behavior from student’s point of view. The descriptive method was used. its tool was a questionnaire which was applied on a simple random sample of (676) students. By using ...

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The Degree of Administrative Empowerment Practice and its Relationship with Talent Management in Colleges’ Administration of Kuwait University as Perceived by Faculty Members

Naser Mansour Al-Ajami

This research aims to identify the degree of administrative empowerment practice and its relationship to talent management in colleges’ administration of Kuwait University as perceived by faculty members. This research included a population of (1253) faculty members working in Kuwait University. ...

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