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The Requirements to Develop Curriculum Construction Course form the Point of Views of the Students and Teaching Staff in the King Faisal University

Mohannad A. Aljafary , Shaher R. Elayyan

The current study falls in line with the contemporary effort aiming towards developing teaching and learning system in King Faisal University in Saudi Arabia. It aims to investigate the requirements necessary to develop Curriculum Construction course for the students in The Faculty of Education. The ...

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The Effectiveness of Some Authentic Assessment Methods in Assessing Achievement Scores in the Course of Thinking and Learning Skills for Education and Arts Students at King Faisal University. (A Comparative Study with the Classical Assessment Method)

Khaled Hassan Bakr Elsherief

The Research aimed to investigate the effectiveness of authentic assessment methods (portfolio- worksheets- activities- questionnaires- learning log) in assessing the achievement for(132) of education and arts students in King Faisal University in the curriculum of learning and thinking skills, compared ...

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