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Impact of Test Time on Estimating Aspects of Items and Test Reliability: A Comparative Study: Item Response Theory and Classical Test Theory

Farhan Ali Saleh Al - Balawi , Sabri Mohamed Ismail Abdel Aal

The research aimed to explore the impacts of test time on estimations of items aspects in context with Item Response Theory, and Classical Theory. Where a multi choice test of (28) items was constructed. Three test images were formed, varying in response time. Were applied sample of students. Then analyzed ...

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The Effect of Item Format The Multiple choice And True- false On Psychometrics Properties According To Item Response Theory (IRT) of The Computer Test for The First Secondary Grade in The City of Tabuk

Sabri Mohamed Ismail Abdel- Aal , Mohammad Oweid Raja Al Enezi

This study aimed on recognizable the effect items format of multiple choice and true-false on psychometrics properties according two-parameter logistic model of the (IRT), two format of computer test have been created: multiple choice and True-false, In its final format consisted of (24) items. The test ...

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The Impact of the Correct Alternative Position in Multiple Choice Test on the Precision of Item Parameters Estimation According to Two Parameter Model of the Item Response Theory

Ashwaq Daifallah Selim Al-Marwani , Shaher Khalid Suleiman

This study aimed to detect the impact of the correct alternative position in multiple choice test with four alternatives on the precision of estimation difficulty parameter and item discrimination, and on the estimation of experiential reliability coefficients and individual reliability coefficients ...

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Comparison between classical test theory and the three parameters logistic model for item selection of English language achievement test

Rehab bint Saleh Al-Saikhan , Rana Thani Damen Al-Momani

This study aimed to examine the differences between Classical Test Theory (CTT) and the threeparameter logistic model in terms of selecting items for an English achievement test. To achieve the aim of the study, an English achievement test consists of (42) multiple-choice with four alternatives items ...

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Developing a Measure of Motivation towards Learning according to the Partial Credit Model: A Study on a Sample of Secondary School Students in Tabuk

Mona Mohammed Alzhrani , Shaher Khalid Suleiman

This research aims to develop a measure of motivation towards learning according to the partial credit model of the Item Response Theory (IRT) which is a model of the polytomous IRT. It is a development of the one-parameter Rasch model, which deals with multi-step questionnaires. To achieve the goal ...

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