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The Degree of Relevance of the Actual Art Education Environment to the Specifications of Classroom Environment in the Light of the Discipline-based Arts Education (DBAE) in the Intermediate Schools of Riyadh City

Tahani Abdullh Almazrua

The Objective of the Study: The current study aims to identify the degree of relevance of the actual art education environment to the specifications of classroom environment in the light of the Discipline-based Arts Education (DBAE) in the intermediate schools of Riyadh City. Procedure and Methodology: ...

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Evaluation of Technical Criticism Skills of Art Education Teachers and Teaching them in The Intermediate Schools in Riyadh

Ghadah Abdulrahman Aldossary , Abdullah Dafer Alshihry

The main goal of this research is to investigate the reality of activation of art criticism in the intermediate schools, in addition to measuring the information of art teachers on the meaning and methods of art criticism and its relevance to students through a questionnaire that was designed by the ...

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Authorithoritarian Practices of Intermediate School Principals in ALJahra Area of Education in the State of Kuwait and their Relation to Teachers Motivation Towards their Jobs

Taiseer Al khawaldeh , Saud Talaq Alhajri

The study aimed to identify authorithoritarian practices of intermediate school principals in ALJahra Area of education in the State of Kuwait and their relation to teachers motivation towards their jobs, and the effect of certain variables (sex, educational qualification and years of experience) on ...

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The degree of female intermediate school leaders’ leadership styles and their relationship with organizational identification level among female teachers in Qassim region

Arwa Muhammad Al-Lahim

This study aims to identify the degree of organizational female leaders' practice of leadership styles, and to identify the organizational identification of intermediate school female teachers in Qassim Region, from the female teachers' point of view. It aims to find whether there is a statistically ...

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Effect of Authentic Assessment in the Academic Achievement in Computer Subject for Intermediate School Students in Tabuk

Hind Saleh Turki Alrdahi , Mohammad Abdullah Mohammad Asiri

The study aimed to identify the differences between the average scores of experimental and control groups in post-experiment test, the effect of using authentic assessment on academic achievement, and the relationship between authentic assessment and academic achievement in computer course among intermediate ...

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The Role of Family Education Teachers in Promoting Digital Citizenship Concepts Among Intermediate Schoolgirls in Riyadh

Maha Ali Al-Namlah , Galya Hamad Sulaiman Al-Sulim

This research aims to examine the role of family education teachers in promoting digital citizenship concepts among intermediate schoolgirls in Riyadh. To achieve the research objective, the researcher adopted the descriptive approach and designed a questionnaire of 39 items distributed over 4 topics ...

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The Reality of Electronic Evaluation Tools in Loghati Alkhaledah Course from the Point of View of Teachers the Intermediate School in Al-Ahsa Governorate During Corona Pandemic (Covid-19)

Nouf Bint Abdullah Al-Subaie , Amal Bint Abdullah Al-Khudair

This study aimed to explore the situation of using devices of e-evaluation in Loghati Alkhaledah course during corona pandemic (covid-19) from female teachers' point of view in Al-Ahsa City, identifyng the difficulties encountered by female teachers when evaluating students electronically during the ...

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The Role of Intermediate School Female Teachers in Tabuk City in Enhancing the Critical Thinking Skills of their Students

Laila Bint Muhammad Alsheikhi , Ali Hussein Najmi

The study aimed to identify the role of intermediate school female teachers in Tabuk city in enhancing the critical thinking skills of their students and to reveal the existence of differences in the role of the educational teacher in enhancing critical thinking skills of her students according to the ...

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