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Habits of the Mind of Graduate Students in the Education

Luay Hassan Abu-Latifeh

The study aimed at identifying the level of possession of postgraduate students in the education college at al-baha university for the habits of the mind. The study sample consisted of (260) male and female graduate students (masters and general diploma in education). To achieve the objectives of the ...

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Constructing a criterion referenced test to measure the statistical competencies of postgraduate students at the university of Tabuk

Hanan Muhammad Al-Atawi , Ahmed Salim Al-Masoudi

This research aimed to construct a criterion referenced test to measure the statistical competencies of post graduate students at the University of Tabuk according to Rash model.To achieve research objectives the researcher used descriptive analytical methodology and an instrument was constructed in ...

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The Reality of the Use of Social Networks in the Education of Graduate Students at King Saud University

Raedah Saad Almousa , Mohammad Abdulrahman Alsadany

The study aimed to find out the reality of the use of social networks in education among female graduate students at King Saud University. The study population consisted of all postgraduate female students (Masters and Ph.D.) at King Saud University, whose number is (3529), according to administrative ...

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Constructing Criterion Referenced Test to Measure the Scientific Research Skills of Postgraduate Students in Yemeni Universities

Yahya Muhammad Al-Ghail , Ali Saeed Al Tariq

The study aimed to constructing criterion referenced test to measure the skills of scientific research among graduate students in Yemeni universities. The test consisted of (86) singles of the type of multiple choice with four alternatives. It was applied to the study sample consisting of all elements ...

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The Locus of Control (Internal - External) and its Relationship to Emotional Intelligence among A Sample of Graduate Students at the University of Hafr Al-Batin

Anwar Mohammed Al-Shammari , Hadeel M. Shatanawi

The current study aimed to find out the relationship between the locus of control (internal - external) and its relationship to emotional intelligence among a sample of 152 male and female higher education students at the University of Hafr Al-Batin. To achieve the objectives of the study, the analytical ...

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Moral Hypocrisy and its Relationship with Inferiority Feeling among Graduate Students at Yarmouk University

Zain Ziad Al- Dawaghreh , Rami Abdallah Tashtoush

Objectives: The current study aimed to investigate the relationship between moral hypocrisy and inferiority feeling among postgraduate's students at Yarmouk University. Methods: In light of the demographic variables (gender, marital status, field of specialization, job), the descriptive, correlational ...

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