International Journal of Educational and Psychological Studies

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Obstacles of Publishing Educational Researches in Scientific Journals

Kamel Mouloudj , Farida Mouloudj

The present study aimed to determine the relative importance to obstacles of publishing educational researchs in scientific journals. To achieve this was, we used a convenience sample of 65 education researchers in various Algeria's universities. Descriptive analytical approach was used, The results ...

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The Relationship Between the Quality of Psychological Life by the Five Major Factors of the Personality. Comparative Field Study on the Students of the University of Algeria

Salhi Saida , Ait Habouche Souad , Charifi Hanaa

The psychological life of the individual is governed by a set of personal traits that are regulated and regulated by his or her internal and external behavior and responses. Each of these features has its psychological, emotional and social significance. The quality of psychological life is one of the ...

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