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Unaffordable Education and Criminality as a Choice among Youth in Ondo State, Nigeria

Gabriel Olusola OWAGBEMI

Education shapes human, and it has the capacity to determine who gets what and what one becomes in life. Acquiring education in Nigeria is gradually becoming unaffordable; schools at all levels are becoming very expensive making it difficult for common men to send their children to schools. Youth in ...

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Terrorism, Insecurity and Youth Criminality in Nigeria: A Critical View from A Criminological Lens

Egbo, Ken Amaechi , Akan, Kevin Akpanke

Objectives: Terrorism is a global social problem that is presently receiving overwhelming attention and concern from all corners. The government, researchers, policymakers, Non-Governmental affected by the effect of this cankerworm. If left to thrive, it might drag the world into oblivion. This study ...

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