International Journal of Childhood, Counselling, and Special Education

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Building the readings scale to teach reading and writing to the student of the first grade

Dawoud. D. Helles , Mahmoud. M. Alrantesi

The study aimed at designing the readiness scale of learning to read and write for first grade students when they entered school, and to reveal the impact of the scale in the development of their abilities and the degree of readiness to learn to read and write. The sample of the study consisted of (64) ...

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The Level of Tendency of Students and Their Attitudes Towards Reading at The Stage of Primary Education and Intermediate it in The City of Dar Chiouck In Algeria -Field Study-

Aicha Alla

The objective of the present study is to identify the level of tendency of students and their attitudes towards reading at the stage of primary education and intermediate it in the city of Dar chiouck in Algeria, as well as the nature of the differences according to the following demographic variables: ...

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Teaching English reading skills through Oxford Reading Circle (ORC) textbook among ESL learners of grade 8

Tehmina Zafar , Muhammad Arfan Lodhi , Shamaila Iqbal

Reading skills though considered passive skill but play significant role in developing speaking and other skills among ESL learners. However, in the developmental process of reading skills, researchers have investigated the reading barriers that affect the learners’ reading comprehension. Most ...

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