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Integral Equations and their Relationship to Differential Equations with Initial Conditions

Mostefa Nadir , Somia Guechi

Integral and differential equations have a fundamental importance in the functional analysis and the practice problems, and many domains of scientific research. However, the resolution of differential equations with constant coefficients is easy, but the resolution of these equations with variable coefficients ...

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Application of Optimal Homotopy Asymptotic Method for Solving Linear Boundary Value Problems Differential Equation

Malik . S Awwad , O. Y. Ababneh

The objective of this study are to apply the OHAM to find approximate solutions of singular two-point boundary value problems comparisons with exact solutions and other method like spline method were made. The results of equations studied using OHAM solutions were significantly reliable.

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Existence of Solution of Neutral Fractional Impulsive Differential Equations with Infinite Delay

K.Hilal , Y. Allaoui

In this work we define the solution of the fractional neutral impulsive differential equation with infinite delay. The results of existence are obtained by using the Banach contraction and Schafer fixed point. Some proprieties of probability density functions and semi-group theory are also used.

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Oscillatory Behavior of Higher-Order Delay Differential Equations

O. Bazighifan

This paper is concerned with asymptotic and oscillatory properties of the nonlinear higher-order differential equation with delay argument. Some examples are given to illustrate our main result.

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Existence Solutions of the Complex Linear Differential Equations in QK,ω(p,q) Spaces

A. Kamal , T.I. Yassen

In this article, we study the existence of solutions of the complex linear differential equation of the form f(n) + An−1(z)f(n−1) + ... + A1(z)f0 + A0(z)f = 0, where the coefficients A0,A1,...,An are analytic functions in the unit disc. To carry out the existence of these solutions, we obtain ...

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Hyers-Ulam-Rassias Stability Criteria of Nonlinear Differential Equations of Lane-Emden Type

Maher Nazmi Qarawani

In this paper we establish Hyers-Ulam-Rassias stability and Hyers-Ulam Criteria for second order non-linear ordinary differential equations of Lane-Emden type; moreover two examples of such equations are considered.

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Numerical Solution for Solving Fractional Differential Equations using Shifted Chebyshev Wavelet

Mohamed Elarabi Benattia , Belghaba Kacem

In this paper, we are interested to develop a numerical method based on the Chebyshev wavelets for solving fractional order differential equations (FDEs). As a result of the presentation of Chebyshev wavelets, we highlight the operational matrix of the fractional order derivative through wavelet-polynomial ...

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Multiple Homoclinic Solutions for a Class of Superquadratic Fourth-order Differential Equations

Mohsen Timoumi

Applying a Symmetric Mountain Pass Theorem, we prove the existence of infinitely many homoclinic solutions for a class of fourth-order differential equations u(4)(x) + ωu00(x) + a(x)u(x) = f(x,u(x)), ∀x ∈R where a ∈ C(R,R) may be negative on a bounded interval and F(x,u) =Ru 0 f(x,t)dt ...

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A Model of Oral and Parenteral Drug Administration with Control

Nzerem, F.E , Ugorji H.C

Drug administration is largely a frontier in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. Kinetics and dynamics are of science in general, and therefore issues on drug administration may be of interdisciplinary interest. This paper treated pharmacokinetics from the standpoints of a subject-specific drug administration ...

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An Oscillation Criterion in Delay Differential Equations

George E. Chatzarakis

Consider the first order linear delay differential equation x0(t) + p(t)x(τ(t)) = 0, t ≥ t0, where p is a continuous function of nonnegative real numbers and the argument τ(t) is not necessarily monotone. Based on an iterative technique, a new oscillation criterion is established when the well-known ...

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