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Mathematical Modeling of Transmission Dynamics and Optimal Control of Isolation, Vaccination and Treatment for Hepatitis B Virus

Akanni John Olajide , Abidemi Afeez , Jenyo Opeyemi Oluwaseun , Akinpelu Folake O.

In this paper we formulate an SEICR (Susceptible- Exposed- Infective- Carrier- Recovered) model of Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) disease transmission with constant recruitment. The threshold parameter R0 <1, known as the Basic Reproduction Number was found. This model has two equilibria, disease-free equilibrium ...

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Preface to the Special Issue on the International Conference on Cyber Security and recent trends in Mathematical Modeling

Saiida Lazaar , Moulay Rchid Sidi Ammi

This special issue is an outgrowth of SMM’2020 the International Conference on Cyber Security and recent trends in Mathematical Modeling. SMM’2020 addressed the latest research on cybersecurity and mathematical modelling. It dealt with relevant scientific fields facing challenges for securing ...

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Analysis of the spread of COVID-19 in Morocco based on a SEIR epidemic model

Moulay Rchid Sidi Ammi , Mostafa Tahiri

Fractional calculus has been widely used in mathematical modeling of evolutionary systems with memory effect on dynamics. In order to illustrate the efficiency of this non-integer order calculus, we employ SEIR models to model the dynamics, with and without memory, of the spread of Covid-19 in Morocco ...

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A hybrid Modeling and Forecasting of Carbon dioxide Emissions in Tanzania

Twahil Hemed Shakiru , Xiaohui Liu , Qing Liu

Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions is among of global environmental pollutants contributing to climate change. The current study aims to create an Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average with external factors (ARIMAX) model to predict CO2 emissions in Tanzania. In this study, an Autoregressive ...

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Optimal Follow Up Designs for Fractional Partial Differential Equations with Application to a Convection-Advection Model

Edward L. Boone , Ryad A. Ghanam , Albert H. Lee

As the mathematical properties of Fractional Partial Differential Equations are rapidly being developed, there is an increasing desire by researchers to employ these models in real world data oriented contexts. The main barrier to employing these models is the choice of the fractional order alpha. Recently, ...

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