International Journal of Educational and Psychological Studies

Volume 4 - Issue 3 (1) | PP: 303 - 324 Language : العربية

Education by Good Example: Abu Ubaida Bin Jarrah Model

Naser Mohammad Naser Al- Shamrani
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20/11/2018 10/12/2018 29/12/2018 13/1/2019
The present study aimed to identify the concept of the role model in Islam, and to uncover the role models in the biography of Abu Ubaida ibn al-Jarrah, may Allah be pleased with him, and reach the practices of educational application enlightened by the teacher through the examples of example in the biography of Abu Ubaida bin Jarrah may Allah be pleased with him. The researcher used the descriptive approach in his analytical style. The study showed the following results [1] The role models are: that the teacher and educator Muslim -oaa his position and role model who Astqamth- called in and said and done alive and dead, for guidance.. [2] is not required to be role models are all good, and that the animal may be a gifted human beings in it, and that the balance of the real and the stake is Shara cleanser.. [3] To set a good example in Islam means both represent good Vuagah after him, and bad role models both represent Vuagah after him worse, not role models out sections in their entirety for these two sections. [4] be role models for good positive effects, including: a great reward, and great reward. Providing educational effort. Utilization of finding an adult educational environment. Almguetda gain psychological influential force, according to the same. Makes a Muslim in constant contact Balkhalq. tnumei virtues and morality in the hearts of individuals. Establish balance and moderation in the individual's behavior and feelings. They see defects and to guide the optimal method. [5] be bad role models negative effects, including: the great sin, it is a bad role model most of Almguetda. Almguetda corruption, the corruption of his example, has passed said some evidence in that Kivsad the corruption of the people of Pharaoh Pharaoh. To rely on the world and the frequent preoccupation, and lazing about education and advocacy. Compromising the good deeds, and indulgence and negligence in them. Comics and lack of seriousness. Waste of time.. [6] qualities of a good example for the teacher role models: Sincerity, honesty, humility, kindness, compassion, justice, and forensic science, and patience. [7] emerged in the biography of Abu Obeida great recipes including: the service of Islam, and science and jurisprudence, the strength and the Secretariat, and justice, and temperance, and humility, and the patent was issued from the hatchet, and a dream, and all create Hassan found it, and worship: Kjhadh, and his prayers, and fasting and piety and charity. . [8] derived from the biography of Abu Ubaida, may Allah be pleased with him: recipes teacher role models in the field of worship, including: the call to God Almighty / Immigration religion / Jihad / dissemination of science and his / piety / prayer / fasting / charity. And also his qualities in the field of transactions, including: the board of the teacher / family cohesion / good manners / strength and the Secretariat.

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