General Letters in Mathematics

Volume 2 - Issue 2 (5) | PP: 67 - 72 Language : English

Binary Linear Codes and Binary Matrices

Driss Harzalla
Received Date Revised Date Accepted Date Publication Date
23/1/2017 14/2/2017 27/2/2017 20/4/2017
In [1], the automorphism group of a binary linear code is computed by identifying it with one of its optimal generator matrices. This identification is effective for the computation of the automorphism group of a binary linear code. As application, we show in this work that the automorphism group of the binary triple-error-correcting primitive BCH code C of length n = 31 is the general linear group GL5(F2) on the vector space F32 over F2. Numerical examples are given by the use of some theoretical software : GAP 4.8.5 (Group Algorithm Programming), Q-extension and Grin 4.0 (Graph Interface).

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, D. H. (2017). Binary Linear Codes and Binary Matrices . General Letters in Mathematics, 2 (2), 67-72, DOI:10.31559/glm2016.2.2.5

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