International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Studies

Volume 3 - Issue 1 (4) | PP: 32 - 39 Language : English

Effect of Work Life Balance in Organizational Productivity in Tourism Centers in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

Cletus Okechukwu Obinwanne ,
Obed Luka Kpaji
Received Date Revised Date Accepted Date Publication Date
21/5/2022 12/7/2022 29/7/2022 4/8/2022
Work-life balance is an all-encompassing concern to both employers and employees. It is an important tool while choosing a career. The study is aimed to examine the perception of employees on the influence of work life balance on the productivity of tourism centers in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria Specifically, the study aimed at examining the connection between work life balance and organizational output; determining the correlation between flexibility of work and work output in organizations; finding out the association between leave plan and amount of work produced by organizations; and examining the relationship between employee and their work performance in relation to their environment. The study adopted a descriptive survey design, with a sample size of 154. The data collected were presented in tables and analyzed using simple percentages and the hypothesis was tested using Chi-square statistical method. The study revealed that a balanced life at work has a desirable influence on the output and efficiency of the tourist centers in Port Harcourt among other ways as stimulation of employees’ performance, fostering job and life satisfaction, decreased absenteeism and motivates the employee to work. Work-life balance which encourages work flexibility helps to boost employee morale and impacts positively on the organizational productivity. It was also revealed from the study that using effective leave plan for employees in tourist centers enables employees to create a balancing effect between work activities and life activities which stimulates job satisfaction and boosts organizational productivity. It is recommended that management of tourist centers should consider employee work life balance as a veritable instrument for these centers to attain organizational productivity. The management of these centers should realize that effective leave plan and incentives should be part of the work life balance so as to encourage the employee performance and boost their morale.

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