General Letters in Mathematics

Volume 11 - Issue 2 (4) | PP: 46 - 54 Language : English

Two different scenarios when the Collatz Conjecture fails

Maya Mohsin Ahmed
Received Date Revised Date Accepted Date Publication Date
13/10/2021 7/12/2021 27/12/2021 19/3/2022
In this article, we construct networks of Collatz sequences such that the initial odd terms of these sequences increase monotonically. We also show how the subsequence of odd numbers in a Collatz sequence can be extended backwards, forever. Convergent sequences cannot contain divergent subsequences. Thus, we conclude that the Collatz Conjecture is false.

Keywords: Collatz sequences

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Ahmed , M. M. (2022). Two different scenarios when the Collatz Conjecture fails . General Letters in Mathematics, 11 (2), 46-54, 10.31559/glm2021.11.2.4

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