General Letters in Mathematics

Volume 8 - Issue 2 (6) | PP: 83 - 89 Language : English

Identifying factors influencing decision making using logistic regression

Obaid Mahmmood Mohsin Al Zawbaee ,
Hassan Mstafa Tabra
Received Date Revised Date Accepted Date Publication Date
16/11/2019 30/1/2020 19/5/2020 12/7/2020
The issue of decision-making is one of the important issues in modern management because of its impact on individuals, communities and countries, as most of the problems faced by individuals, communities and countries result from making incorrect decisions. The evolution of management science and the use of quantitative methods of treatment are also in a continuous growth as decisions are influenced by a variety of factors or variables. In this research, we considered the variables or factors related to the illusion of excellence and the level of ambition through the use of logistic regression technique to identify the variables that have a significant moral effect in the decision-making and are arranged according to their importance. A model by which to predict the extent to which the decision is affected by the environment. The result of the analysis demonstrated that out of ten factors that were identified and studied, three of them had a significant effect while the others had a non-significant effect, and the model achieves a correct classification of 81%.

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Al Zawbaee , O. M. M. & Tabra , H. M. (2020). Identifying factors influencing decision making using logistic regression . General Letters in Mathematics, 8 (2), 83-89, 10.31559/glm2020.8.2.6

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