International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Studies

Volume 1 - Issue 2 (5) | PP: 119 - 126 Language : English

Factors influencing ecotourism in Wasur national park Merauke regency

Samel W. Ririhena ,
Alexander Phuk Tjilen ,
Edi Cahyono ,
Inez Cara Alexander Phoek
Received Date Revised Date Accepted Date Publication Date
30/10/2020 14/11/2021 1/12/2021 21/1/2021
Government planning to promote tourism in Indonesia, including national parks, needs to be more serious to have a positive impact on the economic welfare of a region and the welfare of the community, the same things for Wasur National Park (TNW) in Merauke, Papua Province, Indonesia. This paper reports on the determinant factors of TNW's role in its management as ecotourism and conservation parks. This study uses qualitative methods, with semi-structured interviews and face-to-face. Interviews were conducted with the Department of Tourism, TNW managers, Non-Governmental Organizations, community leaders, religious leaders and researchers from Musamus University and field observers. This research results as follows: TNW has a tourist attraction in the form of a natural panorama consisting of several different spots, many tourists who are not recorded (do not pay entrance fees). Lodging and culinary facilities are still managed traditionally. Therefore, foreign tourists bring their own equipment and needs. In general, transportation to TNW is relatively expensive. The Local Government provides buses for transportation from Merauke Regency to TNW, but tourists prefer renting a car. Local wisdom has contributed so that the natural conditions of TNW are still well preserved and most are still natural. On the other hand, there has not been a serious effort to promote TNW and partnership cooperation with related industries to optimize the potential of TNW has not been done much. The results of this study are crucial for the Government, industry, and the community in a joint effort to optimize the potential of TNW ecotourism to obtain a positive impact on economic life, improve community welfare and conservation.

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