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Legal regulation of children's rights in Palestinian legislations

Ahmad A. Shehab

The study aims to analyze and evaluate the legal regulation of the rights of the child in Palestinian legislation, as it sheds light on the extent to which Palestinian legislation harmonizes the rights of the child with their own international convention and its applicability, and given the importance ...

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Identify the Crime of Genocide Under the Previous Criminal Courts that Extent of the Impact the Permanent at International Criminal Court

Omar Mohammad Musa Ismail

The subject of this research focuses on the crime of genocide in terms of the appearance of this crime and the definitions covered by international agreements such as the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. The material and moral in terms of privacy that characterizes ...

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The state of Heath emergency in the context of implementing the criminalization and punishment mechanism

Hanane Mrhizou

The Corona pandemic came to the whole world, which necessitated the public authorities of countries to impose a set of measures to combat the spread of the epidemic, and in order to ensure greater effectiveness to adhere to all of these imposed measures, including respect for the health emergency, adherence ...

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Guarantees of applying the principle of precautionary measures in armed conflicts

Ahmed Abdel Hakeem Shehab

The provisions of international law generally suffer from the problem of effectiveness and the ability of the provisions of this law to impose its respect on those addressing its provisions. In the interest of applying precautionary measures in armed conflicts, international law has enacted a set of ...

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Electronic Copyright Protection in the Palestinian and Islamic Legislation

Abdel Qader Saber Ali Jarada , Manal Mohammad Ramadan Al-Ashi

This study addresses a question that has arisen in the contemporary jurisprudential actual status, which is about the author’s right to protect his electronic writings, which have become of financial value. Such protection is to prove to the owner’s title and his right to act. This made it ...

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The Legal Framework of Terrorism Crimes under the International Standards of Human Rights and the National Legal System

Nahla Abdelkader AL Momani , Saif Ziad AL Junidi

The balance between human rights the maintenance of order is one of the issues that causes controversy at both the international and internal levels due to the importance of these two axes in the advancement of society and the preservation of its economic, social, political and cultural entity. In this ...

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Constitutional and Legal Guarantees Related to Freedom of the Press and Media in the Jordanian Legal System

Nahla Abdelkader AL Momani

Freedom of press and media is a key component of the right to freedom of expression, which enjoys constitutional protection and guaranteed by international human rights standards, foremost of which is the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which Jordan ratified and published in the ...

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The Concept of International Human Rights Law and International Humanitarian Law and their Sources

Abdul Aziz bin Saud Al Mamari , Hussain bin Saeed Al Ghafri

Objectives: The study aims to clarify what is meant by international human rights law and international humanitarian law, and identify the sources of each of them, while specifying the scope of application of the two laws. Methods: The researchers adopted the analytical approach when explaining the ...

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