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Censor's responsibility who are obliged to control its control limits of article (288) of the civil code

Sadam Hussein Youssef Alrahamneh

The study aims to identify the censor's civil liability, the basis and nature of the censor's liability, qualifications required to satisfy him/her, whether they were legally identified, and the degree to which the censor's liability for remediating the damages in the case of an illegal act by those ...

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The Palestinian civil police: between force and legitimacy

Jihad Al-Kiswani , Fadi Rabia

This research is dedicated to look in-depth at the consequences of police partiality and Polarization in eroding police legitimacy. It argues that police deviances and human rights violation have a great influence on the Palestinian’s readiness for statehood. The establishment of the Palestinian ...

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Provisions for Managing Common Money and Disposing of it in Civil Law

Mohammed Naji Al-Tarawneh

This study aimed at revealing the issue of the provisions and disposition of the partner in the common money through two angles. This behavior with regard to the contracting parties is correct, and with regard to the rest of the partners, it is dependent on their approval unless it is on their behalf, ...

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Doctor's Civil Liability in Weight Loss Operations

Sara Hussein Ayasrah

Objectives: This research aims to demonstrate the doctor's civil liability for medical errors occurring in weight deficiencies whether for his personal error or the mistakes of others from medical staff and the machinery and tools used to determine the physician's civil liability. A contractual liability ...

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