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Speech Confrontation in the Initial Verses of Surat Al-Mullk (Creation of Heaven)- a Study in Speech Style

Futaim Ahmed Danawer

The Qur'anic discourse is unique in a style for its verbal, contextual, and meaningful characteristics that makes it a miraculous speech, which is distinguished from the human style of speech. This is what the study has achieved. The study examined the discourse of the initial verses of Surat ‘Al-Mulk’, ...

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The Characteristics of Rhythm in Modern Arab Poetry Through Mahmud Darwich’s Poem “Rita And the Rifle”

Mohamed Saleh Al- Hamraoui

In this paper, we shall focus on the characteristics of rhythm in modern Arab poetry through Mahmud Darwich’s Poem “Rita and the Rifle”. We aim at getting acquainted with a specific aesthetic experience tightly linked to modernism. We will shed light on the definition of rhythm by both ...

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The style of exclamation in the Holy Quran

Jamal N. Rabah

The aim of this study is to reveal the metaphorical and standard exclamation method in the Holy Quran, and the role of the exclamation method in highlighting intended meanings and their reflections on the respondent. The study has tackled a crucial topic and that is the range of utilizing the exclamation ...

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