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Speech Confrontation in the Initial Verses of Surat Al-Mullk (Creation of Heaven)- a Study in Speech Style

Futaim Ahmed Danawer

The Qur'anic discourse is unique in a style for its verbal, contextual, and meaningful characteristics that makes it a miraculous speech, which is distinguished from the human style of speech. This is what the study has achieved. The study examined the discourse of the initial verses of Surat ‘Al-Mulk’, ...

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Evincing of the Social Context Criticism in the “Story Collection“ Fatima and other Stories: A critical Discourse Analysis Approach of (By Abdul Salam Hafez as a Model)

Fathia bint Ahmed Mansour Bedairi

Objectives: The objective of the study is to identify evincing in the group of "Fatima and Other Stories" by Abdul Salam Hafez and to acknowledge his critical mechanisms in guidance and persuasion that were built to influence, i.e. with the purpose of communication, interpretation, contributing to conceding ...

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Apologia Discourse An Argumentative Analysis and Study from the Perspective of Critical Discourse Analysis The Speech of Abu Ja'far al-Mansur Following the Execution of Abu Muslim Al-Khorasani as a Model

Wajdi "Mohammad Darweesh" Qotob , Mohammad Jawad An-Nori

Objectives: This discussion, through study and analysis, delves into the discourse of justification in accordance with the theory of linguistic argumentation and from the perspective of critical discourse analysis. It achieves this by scrutinizing the argumentative structure of discourse and elucidating ...

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