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Romanticism as literary Doctrine and Enlightenment Thought

Badreddine Al Qasimi

The concept of romanticism poses an epistemological obstacle, on the one hand this doctrine was formed gradually and in separate places in Europe, and on the other hand, multiple sources, philosophical-intellectual or sociohistoric, overlap in the formation of its specificities and principles. However, ...

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The Producing Discourse Self and the Issues of Disagreement between Poetry and Prose- The Letter of Abu Ishaq al-Sabi as a Model (D. 384 AH)

Ahmed Tayi

Objectives: This study aims to understand the issues of disagreement between the poetry industry and the prose industry by means of fulfilling the condition of knowledge of the critical reading text by two productive selves. The first is related to the poetic self or the prose self-based on what Abu ...

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