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Approach that Imam Shafi'i - may God have Mercy on him – has Followed in his Book “Al Umm”

Najah Shaher Saad Al Ghadbani

This research is on the approach that Imam Shafi'i - may God have mercy on him – has followed in his book “Al Umm” which is one of the greatest jurisprudential work of this great scholar; a book that has came out - through his extrapolation - with a set of precise methodological features ...

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Sheikh Saeed bin Khalfan Al Khalili educational school (Block 13 AH)

Khalfan bin Salem Al Busaidi , Saeed bin Rashid Al-Sawafi , Mohsen bin Nasser Al-Salmi , Muslim bin Salem Al-Wahaibi

This paper aimed to present a descriptive study of the school of Sheikh Saeed bin Khalfan al-Khalili, and to show its role in serving science and society. Highlighting its impact on supplementing the scientific arena with a group of diligent jurists in various sciences and producing books in various ...

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Issues that Abu Shuja, the Approved Shafi School of Thought, Disagreed

Ayman Mohammed Haroush

This research project comprises an Islamic jurisprudence found in the book (ALGAYAH WAT TAQRIB) by Qady Abi Shuja “one of fiqh books according to shafi ‘I’s mazhab”. He (Abi Shuja) mentions a views in contrary with well approved views of mazhab. As a researcher, I pointed out ...

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Money Employment Contracts in Contemporary Islamic Banks in the Light of the Shafi'i School: Financial Netting Contracts

Mohammad Ali Al-Gharaibeh

This study aimed to identify a number of contracts for the employment of funds in contemporary Islamic banks represented by financial compensation contracts in the light of the Shafi’i school of thought. It also dealt with the permissibility of contracts for the employment of funds. The study reached ...

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