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The Jurisprudence of Contemporary Issues for the Moroccan Jurists-A Study in Meaning, Characteristics and Method

Abdul Aziz Wasfi , Ahmed Ait Jalloul

The aim of this research is to shed light on some aspects of the jurisprudence of contemporary issues for the Moroccan Maliki scholars from the the fifth to the fifteenth century AH. First, it will discos its importance and characteristics by exploring some practical examples of some Maliki scholars ...

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Jurisprudence of the Maalikis and its Impact on the Absorption of Family Calamities - Wife's Grace for Processing A Model

Abdelaziz Ouasfi , Hamid Mesrar

This research examines the concept of Islamic law and its treatment of the subject of the family in terms of its importance as the first cell in the building of society, as well as the statement of its rights, its sound foundations, and its strong pillars that guarantee its stability and preserve its ...

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Rules of jurisprudence principles used to understand Fatema Bint Qays hadith, and its jurisprudential impacts (from the divorce section of the book: Ihkam al-Ahkam Sharh Umdat Al-Ahkam by Ibn Daqiq Al-Eid)

Mu'mena F. M. Mu'ayyad

This research deals with the rules of jurisprudence principles used to understand Fatema bint Qays hadith in the divorce section, and its Jurisprudential impacts, to derive from them the entitlement of divorced woman to maintenance and housing during her waiting period. So, it applied the rules of jurisprudence ...

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Contemporary Applications of the Cooperative Insurance Contract in the Light of Jurisprudence Rules (Jordan Islamic Bank and Islamic Insurance Company Limited as a Model)

Loiy Ahmad Hasan Alsheyab , Mohammad Ahmad Awad Alrawashdeh

Jurisprudence rules: keeping many branches with few words, and because the branches branched, scattered and multiplied, the student needs to collect their peers. As for cooperative insurance in general: It is a social system based on the principle of cooperation and interdependence among members of society, ...

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Cosmetics and Medicines from Beast Dairy (Jurisprudence Study)

Khalid bin Abdulrahman Al-Askar

Many cosmetic and skin care manufacturers have tended to include milk or milk in many of their products and make it an essential substance in the manufacture of many moisturizers, which called for research this issue from a legal point of view, which includes the statement of the purity of milk animals ...

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Ibn Al-shat’s answer to (Nazila) in the time of the epidemic: A study in its foundations

Abdelhamid Raki

The aim of this research is showing the principles which Ibn SHAT based on his fatwa in the epidemic time. Those principles range between two types, one of them is the rules which are the foundations of fatwa, and the other is the dialectical mechanisms which ibn shat used them in order to opposite to ...

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The Right of the Child to Citizenship between Jurisprudence and Law A Comparative Study with Yemeni Law

AbdulSalam Hamood Ghaleb AL-anesi

In this research, we briefly addressed the definition of nationality and how a child obtains it in Yemeni and Egyptian law by birth to parents from the same country or birth in the same country. Then we addressed the general framework in international conventions that grant equal rights to men and women ...

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The Eligibility of Liberation Movements to Conclude International Treaties in Islamic Jurisprudence and International Law

Abdul Rahman S. Al-Daya

The conclusion of international treaties in Islamic Sharia and international law is not valid unless it is concluded by the authority or its representative. However, the existence of liberation movements is an essential factor in some countries to demand the rights of people, represent their interests ...

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An Introduction to Comparative Jurisprudence

Ayman Mohammed Haroush

Islamic jurisprudence has several historical phases. It developed in terms of form and content. It started with ijtihad at the time of the Companions and their followers, then moved to the emergence of schools of jurisprudence and doctrines, then it became to pure tradition, then comparative jurisprudence ...

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Friday and Congregational Prayers for the Traveler (Comparative Jurisprudence Study)

Mohammed Fawzi Al-Hader

This research deals with the issue of Friday and congregational prayers for travelers, which aims to identify a ruling on Friday and congregational prayers for travelers according to jurisprudence and jurisprudential differences, with the researcher discussing it and considering the most correct opinion ...

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