International Journal of Specialized Islamic Studies

Volume 7 - Issue 3 (3) | PP: 177 - 204 Language : العربية

Friday and Congregational Prayers for the Traveler (Comparative Jurisprudence Study)

Mohammed Fawzi Al-Hader
Received Date Revised Date Accepted Date Publication Date
25/7/2022 15/8/2022 21/8/2022 4/10/2022
This research deals with the issue of Friday and congregational prayers for travelers, which aims to identify a ruling on Friday and congregational prayers for travelers according to jurisprudence and jurisprudential differences, with the researcher discussing it and considering the most correct opinion of them. The researcher used the inductive approach, the comparative approach, and the analytical approach, and concluded several results, which were summed up in the fact that travel is considered to enjoy the license. The researcher prefers the saying that says that it is not specified, and that shortening is prescribed for absolute travel, short and long, near and far, without specifying that with a specific distance. Rather, everything that is called travel by language or custom shortens the prayer and whatever is not, is not. In the ruling on Friday prayer for travelers, the researcher suggested that it is not obligatory, and it is likely that the congregation during travel is obligatory as well. The researcher proved the legality of the absolute legal combination between Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha, combining the advance or delay of the excuse for travel, and the most correct one in the issue of shortening the prayer for the traveler is that shortening is the Sunnah and completing it is permissible with hatred. The researcher recommended jurists, muftis, and preachers to take into account the easy opinions regarding the issue of Friday and congregational prayers for travelers, in accordance with what achieves facilitation and mitigation as is the principle in the tolerant Islamic Sharia, especially since most of the preponderant opinions tend to facilitate and relieve hardship and embarrassment. The researcher also recommended university professors, graduate students and students of Sharia sciences to pay more attention to jurisprudential issues that affect people's daily lives and frequently ask about the most appropriate legal ruling.

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