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Intention and its Impact on the Bbjective (A Fiqhi Authenticating Study)

Nawaf Bin Raheel Al Sharari

This research presents a jurisprudential study of the effect of intention on intent, addressing the research problem represented in the question: What is the difference between intention and intent, and what is its effect on it? The aim of the research is to identify the subtle differences between intention ...

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An Introduction to Comparative Jurisprudence

Ayman Mohammed Haroush

Islamic jurisprudence has several historical phases. It developed in terms of form and content. It started with ijtihad at the time of the Companions and their followers, then moved to the emergence of schools of jurisprudence and doctrines, then it became to pure tradition, then comparative jurisprudence ...

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Fiqh Criticism According to the Malikis: Its Fields and Kinds

Mustapha Elhassani Elalaoui

In this research, I dealt with the issue of Fiqh criticism according to the Malikis, its fields and its divisions, and I combined through it three essential issues. The first is Fiqh, juristic, criticism as a compact contemporary term, and I showed that the early jurists practiced criticism in their ...

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The Judgment of Funeral Orations in Islamic Fiqh- A Comparative Study

Ismail Mohammad Shindi

The current study attempts an exposition of the opinions of Fuqaha’ with regard to the issue of funeral orations and arrives at the most probable among them, sustained by evidence, given the urgent need for studies clarifying this matter to place in the hands of interested researchers, scientists ...

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The Political Rights of non-Muslims in Political Islamic Fiqh: a Comparison with the Palestinian Political System

Sameer Mohammad Awawde , Ismail Mohammad Shindi

Objectives: The present study aims to examine the political rights of non-Muslims in countries of Muslim majorities, pointing out these rights along with their roots in Sharia and then comparing them with what is found in the Palestinian political system. The study, as such, is comprised of an introduction, ...

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