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The Rule of Polygamy in Islam and Medicine

Sayed Aqa says , Ab.khaliq Mesbah , Oniba Saiqal , Lutfullah Ariapoor , Saniullah Zalmai , Ab.Rahim Ghafari

Islam allows polygamy and permits men, under specific circumstances, to have at most four wives at any given time. But provided that; he was able to be fair to them, and if he was unable to do so, he cannot use this permission. This Islamic rules don’t detract woman's rights but in contrast; Polygamy ...

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The place of lineage determination by DNA in islam & medicine

Sayed Aqa sayes , Sami ullah Safi , Lutfullah Ariapoor , Ab.Rahim Ghafari , Said.Aminull Sadat

: Lineage has an important place in Islam. According to the sharia it is considered one of the five essentials that should be preserved. The DNA examinations is a means of identifying lineage, and it has become possible through DNA exams to identify murders and rape, track missing children , determine ...

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Cosmetics and Medicines from Beast Dairy (Jurisprudence Study)

Khalid bin Abdulrahman Al-Askar

Many cosmetic and skin care manufacturers have tended to include milk or milk in many of their products and make it an essential substance in the manufacture of many moisturizers, which called for research this issue from a legal point of view, which includes the statement of the purity of milk animals ...

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