International Journal of Specialized Islamic Studies

Volume 3 - Issue 1 (3) | PP: 41 - 53 Language : العربية

The Rule of Polygamy in Islam and Medicine

Sayed Aqa says ,
Ab.khaliq Mesbah ,
Oniba Saiqal ,
Lutfullah Ariapoor ,
Saniullah Zalmai ,
Ab.Rahim Ghafari
Received Date Revised Date Accepted Date Publication Date
22/10/2019 16/11/2019 2/12/2019 5/12/2019
Islam allows polygamy and permits men, under specific circumstances, to have at most four wives at any given time. But provided that; he was able to be fair to them, and if he was unable to do so, he cannot use this permission. This Islamic rules don’t detract woman's rights but in contrast; Polygamy is a protection of families and children from dissociation and prevents parents from separation from their children. In addition, polygamy prevents society from lewdness and rascality that besides other troubles may spread diseases that is seen in societies where principle of polygamy is not allowed.

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