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The Rights of Refugees in the 1951 UN Convention from the Perspective of Islamic Law ( A Comparative Study)

Mahmoud Mohamad El Gamal , Abdelrahman Abdel Hamid Hassanein

The problem of this research lies in the existence of refugees’ crisis in the world. The current situation of these refugees requires a comprehensive study to clarify their rights and duties in the international law and the International conventions in the light of Islamic Shariah. The objectives ...

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The Holy Quran Approach to the Biography of the Prophet - A Comparative Analytical Study

Al- Moustafa Al- Samahi

This research highlights the advantage of the Holy Quran from other sources of biography and its methodology in dealing with its events. In addition to the great rhetorical style of dealing with events, the Holy Quran has dealt with the biography of what is unchanging and does not drown in the mention ...

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International treaties and Solh Al- Hudaybiyah (A comparative analytical study)

Wesam Mahmoud Al-Titi

The aim of this study is to study Solh Al- Hudaybiyah in terms of the stages it passed through and the extent of the reconciliation of peace with international treaties in the modern era. Also, how the reconciliation that was in the era of prophet Mohammad, peace be an blessing upon him, was compatible ...

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The Right of the Child to Citizenship between Jurisprudence and Law A Comparative Study with Yemeni Law

AbdulSalam Hamood Ghaleb AL-anesi

In this research, we briefly addressed the definition of nationality and how a child obtains it in Yemeni and Egyptian law by birth to parents from the same country or birth in the same country. Then we addressed the general framework in international conventions that grant equal rights to men and women ...

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An Introduction to Comparative Jurisprudence

Ayman Mohammed Haroush

Islamic jurisprudence has several historical phases. It developed in terms of form and content. It started with ijtihad at the time of the Companions and their followers, then moved to the emergence of schools of jurisprudence and doctrines, then it became to pure tradition, then comparative jurisprudence ...

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The Judgment of Funeral Orations in Islamic Fiqh- A Comparative Study

Ismail Mohammad Shindi

The current study attempts an exposition of the opinions of Fuqaha’ with regard to the issue of funeral orations and arrives at the most probable among them, sustained by evidence, given the urgent need for studies clarifying this matter to place in the hands of interested researchers, scientists ...

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