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The Impact of Islamic Faith in Achieving Intellectual Security

Badria Mohammed Abdullah Al-Fawzan

This is why it is important to study the impact and role of the Islamic faith in achieving and instilling intellectual security within the Muslim community. Hence, the problem that the research deals with is highlighted in this study. (The impact of Islamic belief in the achievement of intellectual security), ...

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Sports Health from the Perspective of Islamic Sharia

Mahmoud Gamal Mahmoud Ali

This study deals with the issue of sports health from the perspective of Islamic Sharia, and the statement of the positive health and sports effects that benefit the Muslim individual and the society in general through his commitment to perform the acts of worship that God ordered us to perform in the ...

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The General Pricing Mechanisms at the Islamic Market

Hank Naim

This study addresses the pricing of Islamic products and their mechanisms. The study aims to identify the applied pricing mechanisms in Islamic products and the general rules for its pricing The paper reviews this development pricing mechanism using arguments advanced by four major schools of Islamic ...

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Inference in Islamic Thought- An Epistemological Perspective

Amad Kazem Al-Barwari

This abstract is summarized by the revelation of the epistemology status of the theology in the Islamic thought, defining it and dividing it into acceptable and unacceptable and choosing the right one corresponding to the origins of pilgrims in the holy Quran and prophetic Sunnah and neglecting the loathsome ...

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The Rights of Refugees in the 1951 UN Convention from the Perspective of Islamic Law ( A Comparative Study)

Mahmoud Mohamad El Gamal , Abdelrahman Abdel Hamid Hassanein

The problem of this research lies in the existence of refugees’ crisis in the world. The current situation of these refugees requires a comprehensive study to clarify their rights and duties in the international law and the International conventions in the light of Islamic Shariah. The objectives ...

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Developing the Human Resource as an Effective Strategy for the Transition Towards Islamic Banking- Philosophical Visions and Trends

Majid Shaabani , Saidani Mohammed Al-Saeed , Ahmed Bakkai

Intellectual capital is an important element in the assets of business organizations in general, and Islamic banking in particular, because of the vital roles it plays under the umbrella of Islamic values, under the constraints of international competitiveness and financial crises known by the financial ...

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An Approach to Deductive and Categorical Deductions in the Curricula of Some Sciences Among Muslims

Mohamed El Filali

The Qur'an is one of the fundamental origins of the hypothetical and categorical reasoning in the Shari’a and experimental sciences in the Muslim world: the concept of certainty in the Qur'an signifies decisiveness and its antonym is presumption. In the fundamentals of the Islamic jurisprudence, ...

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Contemporary Applications of the Cooperative Insurance Contract in the Light of Jurisprudence Rules (Jordan Islamic Bank and Islamic Insurance Company Limited as a Model)

Loiy Ahmad Hasan Alsheyab , Mohammad Ahmad Awad Alrawashdeh

Jurisprudence rules: keeping many branches with few words, and because the branches branched, scattered and multiplied, the student needs to collect their peers. As for cooperative insurance in general: It is a social system based on the principle of cooperation and interdependence among members of society, ...

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The scientific efforts of Al-sayyid Mohammad Ameem Al-Ihsan towards tafsir studies

Mohammad Golamur Rahman , Sharifah Norshah Bani Binti Syed Bidin

Al-Sayyid MoÍammad ÑAmÊm al-IÍsÉn (d.1395H/1973AC) was one of the renowned scholars and personalities in Indian sub-continent in the nineteen century. He has a great role and significant contribution to spread various religious knowledge and education in the People's ...

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Multiparty pluralism in the Islamic state

Mohammad wali Hanif

This study addressed the issue of partisan pluralism in the Islamic state, where it stood on its legitimacy and talked about the extent of its legitimacy and the legitimate opinion in its existence within the Islamic State, and then showed evidence of those who supported its existence as well as those ...

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